Front Sight Firearms Training Institute  
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Not far from Las Vegas, Nevada, is a little slice of paradise known as Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.  Providing the very best in training, Front Sight ably prepares the armed, law-abiding citizen for the awesome responsibility of owning and using firearms.

The curriculum is so well designed that civilians who have never touched a real gun can learn alongside sworn law enforcement officers and active-duty military.

They also offer training in edged weapon and empty hand defensive techniques, so the aware citizen has a full selection of working tools for any situation.

I have a lifetime membership at Front Sight that lets me take any class they offer free of charge for the rest of my life.  It's the greatest bargain I've ever seen.

That said, the best, simplest advice for anyone who wants to own guns is TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  Only perfect practice makes perfect.

It's also necessary to train in weapon retention and handgun combatives, gun fighting, not just standing at the line punching the center out of stationary paper targets.  Force-on-force classes using Simunitions or Airsoft prove very quickly how different things are when the targets are shooting back.

Front Sight and Dr. Ignatius Piazza in the media:
Special Front Sight Training Offer:  Training, 30-State CCW, and FREE GUN